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South Park - Season 12
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Title:South Park - Season 12
Genre: Comedy, Animation
Air Date: 2008-03-12
Season Number: 12
Total Episodes: 14
Stars: Trey Parker (Eric Cartman / Stan Marsh (voice)), Matt Stone (Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick (voice)), April Stewart (Sharon Marsh (voice)), Mona Marshall (Sheila Broflovski (voice))
Follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado.
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Episodes List

Tonsil Trouble

Episode 1 : Tonsil Trouble

After going in for a routine tonsillectomy, a...
Britney's New Look

Episode 2 : Britney's New Look

While trying to escape her troubles in the...
Major Boobage

Episode 3 : Major Boobage

In a South Park homage to the 1981 film,...
Canada on Strike

Episode 4 : Canada on Strike

The head of the World Canadian Bureau leads the...
Eek, A Penis!

Episode 5 : Eek, A Penis!

While Ms. Garrison is off trying to find a way to...
Over Logging

Episode 6 : Over Logging

The citizens of South Park wake up one morning...
Super Fun Time

Episode 7 : Super Fun Time

While the kids are on an educational field trip...
The China Probrem

Episode 8 : The China Probrem

After watching the intimidating opening...
Breast Cancer Show Ever

Episode 9 : Breast Cancer Show Ever

Wendy gets in trouble when she threatens to beat...
Pandemic (1)

Episode 10 : Pandemic (1)

The boys find a way to make money off an...
Pandemic 2: The Startling (2)

Episode 11 : Pandemic 2: The Startling (2)

Giant guinea pigs are attacking cities all over...
About Last Night...

Episode 12 : About Last Night...

While the country celebrates the outcome of the...
Elementary School Musical

Episode 13 : Elementary School Musical

Stan realizes he could lose Wendy if he doesn't...
The Ungroundable

Episode 14 : The Ungroundable

Butters is sure he’s seen a vampire at...